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Let’s do a little Lamma blog then….

Whilst we can’t as Cher once famously sang ‘..turn back time…’ many Lamma exhibitors agree that the move to the NEC (or other indoor exhibition centres) should have taken place 10 years ago or more. Regardless of cost (fairly eye-watering in some cases and requiring strong decision-making with marketing and exhibition budgets) the event is now at a higher standard of professionalism, seems to attract a more even representation of visitors from all parts of the UK, is more attractive to overseas visitors and gives exhibitors more time to talk to potential customers as no-one is rushing to stay warm. All in all, new-style (Version 4?) Lamma works; whether the big tractor and harvesting brands and some notable implement manufacturers decide to give it a go in future remains to be seen…..

From a JP Trett perspective, it’s always a pleasure to see placed candidates in action on their exhibition stand working for the various clients we have successfully recruited for – a quick count-up of around 40 who I have personally placed, a figure which would be considerably higher if some of the non-exhibiting companies were to attend, and there were a good number of dealer staff whose careers we have assisted in attendance too. More pleasing again is that a number of these candidates have progressed within their employer’s managerial hierarchy, continuing to make a difference and adding further value to their business.

With a mix of new client meetings, sit-downs with existing clients to outline their structural and recruitment growth for the year ahead as well as catch-ups with various clients we have previously worked with, all in all, a very successful event for JP Trett – roll-on Lamma 2021!

20Nov 2015

As we progress through the final quarter of the year we have been building our team to ensure that we continue to provide ‘industry sector specific’ champions to represent past, present and future clients that need this knowledge and intelligence.

We clearly provide a benefit to both clients and candidates alike in that we understand the industry and the roles within, we understand the requirements and passion for the sectors and as such always provide a positive and successful service.

As your business prepares its budget for increasing your headcount, shaping your team and driving your business forward perhaps you should be calling us to see what talent is available to your organisation.

As a candidate, do you look back over your last year of employment and feel that it is time to make a change, if this sounds familiar then please log in and register with JP Trett to see where your future may take you. With a fully interactive and secure candidate portal on our website you could be getting that alert of a great new job before it gets advertised.


Three recent additions to the JP Trett Team include:

Jessica Toombs

JP TRETT EQUNE – An accomplished Equine Specialist, qualified in Horse Husbandry, Equine Science and Management locally at Easton College and with 2 years’ experience working at a Stud Farm. Jessica has also had a career in Hospitality representing a leading Worldwide Hotel organisation. With so much passion and knowledge in the Equine and Science Industry Jessica has rapidly taken to recruitment. She is always pushing to understand more, regularly self-educating and training to pass all the professional modules in our training program. A certain star of the future within JP Trett pushing everyone to achieve more!

Bertie Steggles

 JP TRETT LIVESTOCK – A Harper Adams Graduate with an accomplished career already within Agriculture focussing and specialising in Livestock. Having grown up on a Norfolk Farm with a diverse range of various Livestock endeavours Bertie has first-hand experience as well as Sales and Service experience within the sector. A keen sportsman and regular attendee at many Agri-Livestock shows Bertie is well connected and respected within the Livestock industry. Again making massive steps forward in his professional Recruitment training Bertie has delivered results from day one to assist the team. Another rising star of JP Trett.

Linda Trett

JP TRETT – A marketing specialist with a history of successful recruitment Linda joins the team to ensure JP Trett is focussed within the industry specific sectors to deliver the right service to the right audience. With an abundance of energy and enthusiasm Linda has been instrumental in pushing the business forward into new territories and helping the team understand the power of modern marketing and social media.

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