• England scoring try against France, 6 Nations 2019 Jonny May scores hatrick
    England scoring try against France, 6 Nations 2019 Jonny May scores hatrick
  • Massey Ferguson at SIMA 2017 JP Trett visit
    Massey Ferguson at SIMA 2017 JP Trett visit
  • Claas combine at SIMA 2017 JP Trett visit
    Claas combine at SIMA 2017 JP Trett visit
  • SIMA 2017 entrance signage. JP Trett visit 2017
    SIMA 2017 entrance signage. JP Trett visit 2017
  • SIMA 2017 entrance signage. JP Trett visit 2017
    SIMA 2017 entrance signage. JP Trett visit 2017

With SIMA almost upon us again and the 6 Nations in full swing, we head to the Paris International Agribusiness Show on the back of a nice victory against our European neighbours, looking forward to their hospitality! Swing Low Sweet Chariot…….

SIMA brings together 1800 companies from 42 countries and nearly 250,000 visitors (all professional) in what is one of the premium agricultural machinery events in the calendar (every 2 years). Why does JP Trett Ltd head there you may ask?

With so many innovative, dynamic and key industry players all in one place at once, we make the most of our time at such events to see as many of our past, present and future candidates and clients as possible. Usually with a full schedule day and night, our team are working 24/7 through these events to engage personally with contacts to better understand them and use the event for the networking that is crucial to modern recruitment in our sector. All too easily, recruiters make contact through electronic media (text, email, social media…) but at JP Trett we like to see with our own eyes the latest innovations, hear the latest views/news and meet face to face with the movers and shakers at events such as SIMA, Agritechnica, EuroTier, EIMA etc

Yes, we get to travel and enjoy the company of like-minded professionals trying to improve the industry; yes, we get to eat delicacies such as soupe à l’oignon, escargots, and cassoulet; yes, we get to try a selection of premium continental beers, and yes, we thoroughly enjoy our work!

So, what does our agenda look like when we visit one of these well-attended and positive events:

The trip to the airport is usually taken in the afternoon when we say goodbye to family, leaving them to digest the Sunday roast while we get checked in, confirm our appointments for the evening ahead and try and spot the agri-dressed Schöffel -wearers at said airport (usually found at the bar!) On arrival it’s a quick turnaround and out to meet the first wave of contacts that are keen to get our ear before moving on to a dinner and entertainment, keeping a mindful eye on the time and the early start looming: a balance of diplomacy, sensibility and ‘just one more’ attitude….

Early first day start and we board a busy tram/bus/train with a whiff of expectation (and French hospitality) before getting to the check in and scramble through the turnstiles and into the fresh air before hitting the halls. Unlike any major shows in the UK between the last Smithfield in 2004 and before LAMMA 2019 you are instantly hit by the magnitude of such an event and you then realise why it takes place every 2 years. Hall after hall, 250,000 visitors and 1800 exhibitors all shoe horned into their spaces – the footprint of this event is to behold. We can easily cover 20-25km in a day going from client to candidate, conference to competition and stand to stand seeing, hearing and touching all there is to see at such an impressive showcase event. We learn about agri-business in other countries, pressures on growers in places we have heard of but know little about, opportunities in locations that surprise us and meet people who all attend the show for one reason or another, but all share a common passion for the industry.

At this year’s event there are some interesting forums and meetings scheduled, ones we will be attending include: Charolais Competition, SIMA Dealers’ Day, Enhanced Agriculture: A reality today and tomorrow, Agro Equipment: Can it contribute to agroecology? Debriefing after Agtech mission in Morocco, Sima African Summit, Precision Farming for Weed control: Between Myth and Reality.

After two full days and nights we return to Blighty, weary yet excited, armed with new contacts and info ready to start the download of knowledge and opportunity back into the JP Trett machine. Tucked up in bed by midnight looking forward to a good night’s sleep and reporting back to the team.

As a forward-thinking recruitment business, JP Trett wholeheartedly embraces technology, but still places great emphasis on these events that need support to keep them successful. We are in the midst of significant change with such events and collaborations, but in attending we understand their importance and positivity first hand. This year we will continue to be the pioneers in the industry introducing new, ground-breaking staff members, new technology which will improve communication and strategy and be pursuing the best process for continuing our success, now in our 9th year of trading.