sausage on a fork

Back on the sausage and hash brown rolls – and the occasional graduate role!

As much as we all look forward to the Christmas break, I think the novelty soon wears off and within a few days we can’t wait to get back and crack on with the enormous amount of assignment work (and socialising!) I’m sure the university café sausage, hash brown and bread roll suppliers are very glad to have us back as somehow this concoction has become a staple of our daily diets – must be a fuel for creativity that scientific research has bypassed!

Over the next few weeks, several graduate scheme interview and assessment days will be commencing, with many students hoping they will not coincide with the Monday before a Tuesday assignment hand-in! Personally, I had my first ever video interview which required the use of an app which gives an allotted time to answer each question – an interesting experience with trying to answer the question and keeping an eye on the Countdown-style clock! For anyone wanting further advice on interview or CV writing skills, please see the links to JP Trett’s expert advice at the bottom of this blog.

We’ve now entered the calendar year in which finally, we’ll be graduating; equally alarming is the fact this is the calendar year that our dissertations need to be handed in. Although they probably took up the majority of everyone’s Christmas period, we had to hand in a draft literature review on the first Tuesday back, which, looking back on it, was a good strategic decision as everyone has now made a solid start on the project. We have also started to get some assignments back which we completed during Term 1 which was a worry but also a relief as we can start to get an idea of where we are heading in terms of our final grade and can identify where we need to improve to get the desired outcome from our course.

Looking at the start of next month, the annual student Take Me Out event will be taking place which is just as rare and cringe-worthy as it sounds! The business student cohort also has a few dates to look forward to this month, including a pilgrimage to the local Joules Brewery for some “tasters” and a night at Wolverhampton greyhound racing! Two welcome breaks from revision/assignments/dissertations……

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