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As a Job Seeker and a JP Trett candidate, you are the centre of our attention. We consider ourselves to be your ‘partner’ in the job marketplace, and we work on your behalf, confidentially, to find the perfect match for your unique skills, interest and experience.

Once you’ve registered with us as a Job Seeker we work with you to establish exactly what you are looking for – your ideal role, in your ideal company, in your ideal agricultural / rural sector, at your ideal remuneration package. We then assist you to define your unique value proposition to a particular market sector.

From there we:

  • Map your skill set and preferences against our live vacancy database
  • Work with you to pinpoint a shortlist of the types of organisations you wish to work for
  • Actively market your skill set to our employer network, specifically targeting the most suitable hiring manager or director within an organisation
  • Qualify whether they have an appropriate opportunity and evaluate what it is
  • Appraise you for the opportunity and arrange an interview for you with our client if you wish to pursue the role
  • Guide you through the client’s recruitment process, all the way through to accepting the offer
  • Follow you up after you commence work to make sure things are going to plan

At JP Trett, our consultants have an excellent track record of discovering opportunities that have never been advertised. And because our consultants are ex Agricultural Professionals, trained exactly by us in recruitment, they understand you, and share your drive and hunger to succeed. Remember we have also been Job Seekers and work with them every day.

Areas of Specialism:

We recruit Agricultural and Rural professionals in exciting and demanding positions, this is what we do. We will find the opportunity to match your skills.

JP Trett covers most industries and markets within the Agri-rural industry. Our business is split into a few areas. Our experienced consultants have backgrounds or clients across a number of sectors including:

  • Crop Protection: Pesticides sales and Agronomy, Fertilizers, and Nutrients,
  • Farming: Management, Professional, Skilled and experienced management/planning/procurement
  • Farm machinery: Development, Manufacture, sales, servicing, parts
  • Livestock: Vets, sales, auctions, export, meat production, Ruminant specialists, Feed
  • Country sports: shooting, fishing, stalking, leisure
  • Property: Surveying, sales, rentals, holiday homes, development, specialist building
  • Land: sales, irrigation, fertilizer, acquisition, stewardship schemes, specialist services
  • Marketing: shows, publications, websites
  • Fresh Produce: Management, Research, Development, new markets, Technical, Procurement

This is a small selection of our markets covered and we recruit effectively in all areas of the agri-rural industry. As Agri-rural Recruitment Specialists, no matter what the level of position we can find the best match and challenge for you, the job seeker.